Info for Parents


Defence School Transition Aide: Bert

To minimise the impact of the mobile lifestyle on children’s education, the Department of Defence provides funding to schools with high numbers of enrolments of Defence children.

At Baldivis Primary School, this funding provides a Defence School Transition Aide. Mr Bert Winning performs this role and he assists children and their families to become part of the school community on their arrival, maintain support throughout their time at Baldivis and assist in the transition out of the school when a new post is allocated.

School Psychologist: Kate

Baldivis Primary School Psychologist is a school-based referral service, responding to referrals from staff. Kate assists staff with planning for students with learning difficulties and behavioural challenges; working with teachers to develop individual plans, and implementing programs to ensure a holistic approach to student health and wellbeing.

School Nurse: Wendy

Wendy is our Community Nurse and is on site throughout the term at different times. She conducts hearing and sight screening for students in the lower years and assists staff with implementing strategies to support students and families.