Info for Parents


Our students look and feel great wearing school uniform.

School uniforms are important because they:

    create a sense of belonging
    separate school from leisure time which helps students to focus on their learning
    promote a positive image of the school
    encourages equality among students
    instill and promotes pride and team spirit in students

For the safety of your child, we recommend:

    students should also wear closed in shoes as students participate in Physical Education programs and/or fitness sessions daily
    no jewellery to be worn with the exception of sleeper/stud ear-rings and Medic Alert identifiers
    a broad-brimmed hat (no hat, no play)
    hair below the shoulders is to be plaited or neatly tied back
    make-up is not to be worn at any time

Baldivis PS is a No Hat, No Play in the Sun school. Students are expected to wear a navy surf or bucket hat. The dangers of skin cancer are well documented. Wearing of hats whilst involved in outside activities is compulsory throughout the entire year. Sun visors, caps, beanies and hoods are not adequate protection. School hats can be purchased from the uniform shop and the canteen.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Our uniform shop is located in the log cabin near the front office and is staffed by P&C parent volunteers. Opening hours are currently Monday and Thursday - morning 8.00am till 9.15am and afternoon 2.15pm till 3.30pm. Please click here to see the latest Uniform Order Form.